COVID-19 Safety measures

We continue to operate and are working to provide a safe and welcoming space for our guests. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by phone at (778) 489-1099 or by email at

Masks will continue to be mandatory in our facility in all common areas. All guests will be required to be wearing masks upon entering our facility, and while in any public areas. Once you are set up in your separate play area, you may remove your mask. We have always been committed to providing a safe and inclusive atmosphere for everyone. We ask that you be courteous and respectful so everyone can enjoy their time at The Arc.

At The Arc we have always taken the cleanliness and safety of our customers and staff very seriously. We have gone well above and beyond the province's recommendations so you can feel comfortable knowing that you can bring your family to The Arc safely. We expect all customers to follow and respect our rules for the safety and enjoyment of everyone in our facility.

We have done our best to create a complete and comprehensive guide to all our safety policies and procedures in relation to COVID-19. If you do have any additional questions we welcome you to call or email us and we will do our absolute best to put your mind at ease.

Is VR a safe activity during a pandemic?

The great thing about VR is the activity has social distancing built right into it! Each player gets their own station with well over 6' in every direction clear, and a physical barrier between each player. In VR is you can be standing right beside someone virtually while on the other side of the room.

What makes The Arc different?

  • We have moved to a newer larger facility and rebuilt our entire arcade from the ground up during the shutdown with health and safety in mind:

  • We have a massive open area that allows groups to come and go with maximum social distancing.

  • We have widened our VR stations to give people more room.

  • We have spaced out our bookings to allow groups to come and go at different times to reduce congestion.

  • We have modified our booking policies to allow customers to rebook within as little as 3 hours of their scheduled booking should they test positive or come down with symptoms.

New Cancellation Policy:

For regular bookings:

  • 24 hours to cancel and receive a refund.

  • 3 hours to reschedule your booking to a later time or receive store credit.

  • 3 hours to reduce the number of guests (max of 3)

For Party bookings:

  • 7 days to cancel the entire party and receive a refund.

  • 3 days to reschedule the entire party to another date

  • 3 hours to reduce the number of guests (to 5) and receive a refund or store credit.

What about masks?

Masks will be mandatory in all common areas in our facility. This means anyone in our main area will be required to be wearing a mask at all times. You are free to remove your mask in any private areas such as your VR station, Gaming station, and washroom. Our VR stations are far enough apart to ensure social distancing and have physical barriers that prevent the spread of the virus. We will have masks available for anyone who does not have one.