After School programs

Minecraft coding

Sept 19th to 23rd

Monday to Friday from 3pm till 6pm


Learn coding

Sept 26th to 30th

Monday to Friday from 3pm till 6pm


Come and experience learning in a fun and safe environment.

Roblox - Learn to code using Roblox creator. Make your own game or just learn how coding makes all the games work.

Minecraft Education - Learn to code or learn to create games. Learn educational lessons playing Minecraft as well. Minecraft opens a world of possibilities to learn and create.

Scratch and are great resources to learn coding and to create. Having fun makes learning a breeze.

The benefits of enrolling your kids in our coding programs:

  • Ready to face a technology driven world with confidence

  • Expanding their creativity and bringing their imaginations to life

  • Excited to learn, create, and master critical coding skills